Your First Appointment

Referral Letter

To help start you on your way with your fertility treatment or gynaecological examination you will need to bring with you a referral from your GP or Specialist with both your own and your partners name on it. This referral allows us to provide you any Medicare related subsidised treatment by our fertility specialists. If you are unable to provide us with a medicare number you can still attend us as a full fee paying patient. Referral letters have expiry dates and after this time Medicare will not pay any rebate unless you have provided a new referral letter. It is your responsibility to know when your referral will expire however we will endeavour to remind you close to the date.

What should you bring?

You will need to bring your referral and if possible any test results or information from treatment you or your partner may have had elsewhere.

What can you expect?

On your first appointment you can expect to:

  • Meet with your Next Generation Fertility doctor (Fertility Specialist) and some other members of the fertility care team
  • Discuss in detail with your fertility specialist about your fertility and medical history and determine which tests will be required to assist in diagnoses and treatment options
  • Begin to map out a personalised treatment plan and have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about infertility, fertility treatment, or your personal case

After your first visit you are welcome at any time to contact us if you have any further questions. You can now decide to go ahead with treatment.

What happens from here?

The general course of action is to meet again with your Next Generation Fertility doctor to review any tests you may have had done. You can then discuss in detail your options for fertility treatment and what to expect. This is an opportunity to ask questions about any aspect of your program including costs and chances of success.

During this meeting you will be asked sign relevant forms and consider treatment options such as whether you wish to have embryos frozen for possible later fertility care.

Next Generation Fertility also makes counseling available to you at any time before, during or after treatment.