Diagnostic Tests – Male

Next Generation Fertility provides onsite testing for reproductive hormones and semen analysis. Before starting your fertility treatment your fertility specialist will perform a complete medical workup of you as a couple in order to make a diagnosis to determine causes for infertility and the most relevant course of treatment. It is advisable that the following tests are performed before you start ANY of the treatments available at Next Generation Fertility.

DNA fragmentation

A test designed to check if the sperm’s DNA is intact or fragmented.  For more information you can download our brochure on Sperm DNA fragmentation.

Semen Analysis and Sperm Antibodies

Semen analysis and sperm antibody tests are performed to determine male infertility. They are the best course of treatment and we advise all couples experiencing infertility issues to have their partner or male counterpart tested.

In a semen analyspecimen jarsis we evaluate certain characteristics of a male’s semen such as looking at the how the sperm are moving (motility) and the shape of the sperm (morphology). We also look and the sperm contained therein (i.e. concentration) looking to see how many sperm there are.

In addition to a semen analysis male fertility patients are advised to have an antisperm antibody test. This test looks for proteins (i.e.antibodies) that fight against a man’s sperm in blood, vaginal fluids, or semen. To do this we use a sample of sperm and add a substance that binds only to affected sperm. If we find that the sperm are affected it will reduce your chances of falling pregnant because of an immune system response in either the man’s or woman’s body. When ordered by your GP or specialist a sperm antibody test is included in the cost of a standard semen analysis test.

You can make an appointment for Semen Analysis and sperm antibodies at the following locations:

Semen Analysis  can be done at the following locations:

Parramatta, Level 2, 1 Fennell St, North Parramatta on a Tuesday and Thursday, between 8.00am – 3.30pm, walk ins are accepted without an appointment. Should you wish to visit our North Parramatta rooms at another time, please call us.

Campbelltown, Level 1, 42 Parkside Cres, Campbelltown. Please call us to arrange an appointment.

Penrith, Suite 1, 1A Barber Avenue Kingswood (inside Nepean Private Specialist Centre). Available on Wednesday mornings by appointment.

To make an appointment call (02) 9890 9022 or 1300 300 643

Trial Wash

This test can be incorporated with a semen analysis and sperm antibody test and the result allows your specialist to determine the most appropriate treatment if your sample is  not suitable for conservative treatment options.

Blood Tests

These include: TSH, LH, FSH, Testosterone, SHBG, Prolactin, HBV, HCV and HIV.  These blood tests are bulk billed.

For more information you can download our brochure on Male Factor Infertility.