Your First Step

Most people believe that falling pregnant is something that would naturally happen. But for 1 in 6 couples infertility for both male and female is of real concern. If you’ve been trying to fall pregnant and it’s been 12 months or more with unprotected sex (6 months if you are female and over 35 years old) then its time to get help.

At Next Generation Fertility we know and understand the feelings you are experiencing. Our team of highly qualified fertility specialists, scientists and nurses are here to help you through your fertility journey.

We offer couples experiencing infertility issues several treatment options along the pathway to IVF, and we’ll look after your wellbeing while caring for your future. With us you have a choice – IVF is only one of the fertility services offered but first let’s understand the three basic requirements of fertilisation:

  • Oocytes (eggs) have to be released from the ovary (this is called ovulation)
  • Sperm has to be put into the vagina at the time the eggs are released
  • Your tubes need to be clear and open so the egg and sperm can find each other to unite.

If this all happens simultaneously then conception generally occurs, if not we need to find out why.

A visit with one of our fertility specialists can help you determine if you’re experiencing infertility and what might be the cause of that infertility. To see a fertility specialist a referral from your GP is required.