Proposed Government Funding Cuts to IVF – opportunity to express your concern

Proposed cuts to the Medicare Safety Net will mean you are at risk of paying significantly more to have fertility treatment. Out of pocket costs will potentially increase from January 2016.

Next Generation Fertility together with Fertility Clinics across Australia and Patient Advocacy Groups are doing everything we can to lobby against these proposed changes. We wanted to provide you with the opportunity to send a personal message to Senators expressing your concern of the impact these proposed changes would have to you and your family.

Please take a few minutes to send a message to express your concern to the Prime Minister and Leader of the Greens Senator Richard Di Natale. These proposed changes break the coalition government’s promise to not cut health. We suggest you also email your state Senator and federal MP.

We also recommend contacting Shadow Minister for Health, Hon. Catherine King MP and thanking her for going on public record opposing these changes.

To email the Prime Minister please use the following emails:;

To email Richard Di Natale please use

To email Hon. Catherine King MP please use

What should you write?

Please write in your own words what it will mean for you if the Health Insurance Amendment (Safety Net) Bill 2015 is passed and how it will affect the affordability of the medical treatment you need to have a family. If you have been fortunate to have a child through IVF please write about what this means to you and how you would have felt if you had not been able to afford treatment.

Possible messages to include:

  • Infertility is not a choice. Those who need medical help to have a family have no control over this condition.
  • One child in every classroom has been born through safe and high quality treatment using IVF and related technologies.
  • Many children born through assisted reproductive technology are now adults and ask why their government appears to value their existence less than those whose parents did not need medical treatment to have them.
  • We have contributed, through taxes, to the education of other people’s children. Therefore, it does not seem unreasonable to help us with the only chance we have for a child.

Who should write?
You, your partner, your family members and friends. It is important that each write an individual letter.

When should you write?
Today, 27th November  – emails and letters must arrive before 1st December 2015.

How to contact your Senator and local Member of Parliament

Click here for Senators in your state
Enter your postcode in the box or browse by state on the map for a list of senators with links to their emails.

Click here to go to the AEC Website

Enter your post code or suburb to find your Federal Electorate. Click here for your local member in the House of Representatives. Enter your postcode in the box or browse by state. You can also download contact details lists by name, party or electorate.