Level 2, 1 Fennell Street, Parramatta 2151

Parking at Next Generation Fertility

Street parking is available free for 4 hours within our area of the street. Further street parking is available up Fennell St across O’Connell St. This is metered parking and one more block down O’Connell is the Fennell St open air car park which offers 2 hour metered parking.

Public Transport

The free Parramatta Shuttle Bus runs every 10 minutes, seven days a week.

Monday to Friday: Between 7.00am and 6.30pm

Saturday and Sunday: Between 8.00am and 4.00pm

The Parramatta free Shuttle Bus operates on a continuous loop around the city centre connecting rail, bus and ferry transport interchanges with local clubs and shops, and other community hubs.¬†You don’t need a ticket, just look out for the green bus and jump on board.

Get off at the Parramatta Leagues Club stop and proceed up O’Connell Street one more block to Fennell St and Next Generation Fertility is on the left.


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