Our Nurses

Jan Mackenzie – Director of Nursing

Jan’s interest in women’s health was fostered while working as a midwife but a move from Sydney to Perth in 1991 changed her career from the catching to the making of babies!

After 5 years in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) in Perth Jan moved back to Sydney and was fortunate enough to continue working as a nurse coordinator at City West IVF. There she formed wonderful friendships with a number of the people she works with today at Next Generation Fertility.

Since 2010 Jan has been heavily involved with the Fertility Nurses Association (FNA) initially as State representative for NSW, then as National Secretary and currently as the organisation’s Chairperson. FNA’s mission is to provide quality learning experiences for nurses working in fertility. There is always new research and development in this area of medicine, and these learning experiences, in the form of regular lecture sessions and workshops during the year, ensure nurses stay up to date with these innovations. This continuing professional development contributes to the requirement of all registered nurses working in Australia.

Our Team

The team at Next Generation Fertility has a core group, that have known each other for about 15 years. We have supported each other during, births, deaths, marriages, divorces, traumas and the full gamut of what life offers. We think it adds enormously to the strength of the team and we often call it our 2nd family.

Patients can see fertility nurses as the person on the end of a needle, jabbing them to obtain blood, or viewing their nether regions with an ultrasound. However, nurses are the hub of the wheel in a fertility unit and the central point to the medical, scientific and administration staff during your treatment cycle. You will see more of us than anyone else!

Next Generation Fertility is very committed to supporting the nursing team and its professional development. Six nurses make up the team and cover 6 days a week. The backgrounds of the nurses working at Next Generation Fertility are varied, from IVF, womens’ health, and theatre. All are passionate in providing quality treatment for our patients and have training in venepuncture and ultrasonography.